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CPC is in the low fat business. We supply:

  • defatted natural cocoa powder < 1% Fat
  • defatted alkalised cocoa powder < 1% Fat

These are first class quality ingredients with a rich cocoa taste and aroma. We use especially selected cocoa and a proprietary process. This is an entriely natural product and only approved food grade solvents are used in the defatting process. They are very reasonalby priced and a key ingredient for low fat / low calorie products.

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Product: CPC Defatted Natural Cocoa Powder
Sensory evaluation  
Colour Light Brown
Taste Characteristic of Cocoa without off flavours
aroma Clean cocoa smell
Physical/Chemical characteristics
Test Limit
Moisture 5 % max
pH 5.6 ± 0.3
Fat Content <1.0 %
Fineness (<75um) 99.5 % ± 0.5 %
Microbiological characteristics
Standard Plate Count 10.000 (max ufc /g)
Yeasts 50 (max ufc /g)
Moulds 50 (max ufc /g)
Enterobacteriaceae Absent (max ufc /g)
Total Coliform Absent (max ufc /g)
E. Coli / g Absent (max ufc /g)
Salmonella Absent (max ufc / 25g)
Nutritional characteristics Typical per 100g
Protein Kijeldahl 29.8 %
Carbohydrates Calc. 18.1%
total dietary fibre AOAC 35.0 %
Fat TBA 1.0%
Energy value Calc. 246.3 Kcal / 100g
Food grade multiple layer paper sacks, palletised, stretch-wrapped.
25 kg sacks, with 30 bags per full pallet.
Recommended storage conditions:
Store in a cool (<22ºC) and dry (RH max, 60%) environment, away from direct sunlight and foreign odours. Shelf life: 2 years maximum sealed in original packaging.

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